Should I Buy The Bag

Mobile App

December 2017

To keep my hands into Mobile development, I’ve decided to develop a cross-mobile version of my Should I Buy The Bag app.

Back then, in 2017, React was the talk of the town and it seems smart to add a React experience into my resume. I can’t lie, that was the main motivation.

Only by following tutorials and reading documentation, I managed to get this app working on my iPhone after a few months of work.
The main challenge wasn’t much coding in a new language but all the process and tech-related to a cross-mobile app: from the IDE, using Xcode, Genymotion, virtual servers, and so on. This was all new to me.

One last bit missing from this experience is to deploy the app onto the app markets. I still couldn’t figure this one out.

You can read more about my approach to React Native in my article ‘On being a Junior dev‘.
Github Repository here

Project's Screenshots

Screenshot of Should I Buy The - Mobile app



  • React Native


  • Xtools
  • GenyMOtion


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