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April 2020

The client wished for a WordPress site to only care about adding the right content to promote her activity. The main interest was to have an SEO-friendly platform and easy to maintain with no technical knowledge.

With WordPress and ACF, my client can easily add or remove services, change prices, show or hide projects as often as she wants.

I primarily designed mobile-first wireframes on Figma to give a general view of how her website would look like. From there, we discussed adjustments, starting talking colors, imagery, and content.

I could quickly develop her site and from there, we listed adjustments, changes, and improvements.


Project's Screenshots

Screenshot of Figma wireframes
Screenshot of Figma wireframes
SEORchid front page
SEOrchid front page
SEOrchid front page
SEOrchid front page
Seorchid homepage
Web performance SEOrchid



  • PHP: Wordpress / ACF
  • Custom WordPress Theme


  • OVH: Shared hosting
  • FTP server


  • Google Tag Manager


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