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December 2016

entrenous.coffee was first, a 2 months school project as part of my master’s in programming.
For ideas, I looked at tweets using the hashtag “app idea”. What came often was “an app helps you find bars or coffee places halfway between me and my friends”. It was indeed, a smart app idea!

2 months later, the first draft was presented to my class and received good feedback. After I graduated, I decided to return on this project and make it better.

Today the app includes now, restaurants, and traveling mode options. The user can see pictures from the place and decide to wether visit the profile place page or save the place in his favorites. The app is also available in French and English, depending on your location.

entrenous.coffee is based on Google places API and all interactions are written in Javascript.


It’s a very useful and simple app to find cool places in our favorite area.

A simple Android version of this app exists on my Github page: Github Repository.


PS: ‘entre nous’ means ‘between us’ in French.

Project's Screenshots

Screenshot website entrenous
Screenshot of Entrenous
Screenshot of Entrenous



  • PHP: framework Codeigniter
  • Front-end Gang: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Jquery & Javascript
  • MySQL database
  • Google Map, Routes and Direction API
  • Bitly API


  • OVH shared hosting server
  • Github Desktop
  • FTP protocol


  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
  • Hotjar

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