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Mars 2018

From 2010 to 2016, I have been running a travel and fashion blog that taught me anything I needed to know: SEO, Content and Social Media Strategy but also the monetization of my platform – affiliation, partnerships, sponsored content, Google Ads…
With 30,000 visitors a month, this WordPress website was doing a great job.

After 6 years of success, I dedicated my time to learning web development, in 2017, I decided to not renew my OVH hosting and let the blog live in the past time.

March 2018, after a successful experience with Python/Flask, I decided to relaunch the blog under a new platform to promote clothes I was selling on a swap clothes app and items from affiliate partners.

The App consists of a front-end and admin part where I can add new press articles, new items in the ’boutique’ area, books, and so on.

I have also recently developed my own CMS to post my blog post about Fashion and my life in Canada.

Bon Cheap Bon Genre is definitely my dev playground, always adding a new features or improving the design.

Project's Screenshots

Screenshot of Bon Cheap Bon Genre
Screenshot website Bon CheAP BON Genre
Screenshot of Bon CHeap Bon Genre back office
Screenshot of Bon CHeap Bon Genre back office
Screenshot of Bon CHeap Bon Genre back office



  • Python & FLask
  • Front-end Gang: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Jquery & Javascript
  • Postgres database
  • SASS
  • Facebook - Instagram API
  • Bitly API


  • Heroku hosting
  • Gunicorn server
  • Git console


  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
  • Hotjar
  • TradeDoubler Affiliation program
  • Amazon partenaires

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