User-Oriented Web Developer

With a strong background in Digital Marketing, my approach to coding is to give the user the best and seamless experience possible. I code to facilitate the user-experience.

I will ask many questions about the user journey, check data, test to find what is working the best for the audience.

At the end of the day, web apps are for users to achieve a goal, so when I code, I want to make sure they will find what they came on the app for.

Portrait Anais Gueyte


The ‘I can do it’ attitude led me to be an enthusiastic Full-Stack Web Developer. With a 6 years background as an international Digital Marketing Manager, my development approach is 100% user-oriented. Passionate about new tech, I tend to engage myself in new projects to try new languages, for fun. I also recently completed certifications in UX Design and Web Accessibility hoping to make me a better problem solver.


Communication & Marketing

Université Rennes I
Rennes, France - 2010

Web Development

AFPA Montpellier
Montpellier, France - 2016

UX Design

Juno College of Technology
Toronto, Canada - 2020

Web Accessibility 2.0

Deque University
Toronto, Canada - 2020



  • Icon Battery FullPHP: Wordpress, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laravel
  • Icon Battery FullPython: Flask, Django
  • Icon Battery FullJavascript, Jquery
  • Icon Battery FullHTML5, CSS3
  • Icon Battery FullSASS
  • Icon Battery FullDatabase: MySQL, PostGres
  • icon battery half fullWeb Accessibility
  • icon Battery LowJS Framework: React Native, ReactJS, NodeJS
  • icon Battery LowAndroid


  • Icon Battery FullGit: Github, Gitlab
  • Icon Battery FullFTP, SFTP Protocol
  • Icon Battery FullOVH: domain name, DNS, shared hosting
  • Icon Battery FullWPEngine
  • Icon Battery FullLando
  • Icon Battery FullPantheon
  • icon battery half fullHeroku
  • Icon battery half fullDocker


  • Icon Battery FullGoogle: Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimization, Search Console, Data Studio
  • Icon Battery FullSEO
  • Icon Battery FullHotjar, Zapier, Salesforce Dashboard, Marketo, Hubspot
  • icon battery half fullUX Design
  • icon battery half fullSocial Media & Content Marketing


Digital is my passion, this is what I do in my free time!

I would love to help you with your digital needs: from developing your site, fixing bugs, or giving UX recommendations.

After 10 years working in the Digital world, not only I can support you in your technical challenges but also in your global digital approach.

Your data speaks loud! With an analytical approach on your traffic data, I can provide gold insights on your audience which can help you target and market better your brand, products, and services.

Would you like to learn how to add functionalities on your site? I can work with you to get it done during a learning session.

Tell me about your challenges and start the good work together.

Contact me To:

  • - Develop your website
  • - Fix bugs and improve your website
  • - Implement a new design on your website
  • - Develop and improve templates pages on Wordpress / ACF
  • - Optimize your website for mobile view
  • - Improve the user journey on your site
  • - Optimize your website for SEO
  • - Learn how to use Wordpress
  • - Learn the basics of coding
  • - Recommend good practices and report on UX Design
  • - Set your Google Analytics and tracking tools
  • - Create your Google Data Studio Dashboards
  • - Track, measure, analyze and report on web results
  • - Improve your website page speed
  • - Create template pages and forms in Marketo
  • - Advise on SEO and technical online marketing tools


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